Apr 10, 2013

Really Sweet 16

(Pic adopted from intmstat)
While looking at this year's weekly calendar, I realized that April 16 falls on the 16th week. Interesting ! Got a little more curious to see if it would be an exception or a rule. Before getting into that, had a cursory look at the days in which Jan 1 and Apr 16 fall. Turned out that, both fall on the same day. That's cool, I thought. It also implies  that Apr 16 has to be on Week 16 of every year, but wait.. leap day comes in between. What it would mean is, if Jan 1 on a leap year falls on a Saturday, Apr 16 would fall on a Sunday. Using simple probability, it is going to happen once every seven leap years, i.e., 28 years. The only instance it has happened so far was in 2000, which was one of the most productive years of my life. The next time it will happen on 2028. What would be in store then?

Also, only those who were born on Jan 1 (Week 1, Sonali Bendre for example) and May 21 (Week 21, Mohanlal for example) can enjoy the similar privilege. And, back to the earlier question, yes, it is a rule that Apr 16 would be on 16th week of the year because it happens 27/28 = over 96% of the time. 


Me too said...

Advance birthday wishes!! Endrum padhinaaru, huh? ;)

I had watched "Godavari" on your recommendation a long time ago but hadn't understood some parts because I don't understand telugu. I recently found it online with English subtitles and loved it! Now, I am on a Kammula streak! Loved "Anand" too! Please do recommend anymore such simple, sweet movies, if any!

Raju said...

Aparna, Thank you ! How are AAA's? No, I didnt say that. Neengalaaga appadi artham eduthukkondaal adharku naan poruppalla.
Gave some reco's in your blog.

Me too said...

Thanks Raju for all the movie recommendations!
Yes, I watched both Before sunrise and sunset movies. Read that they are working on the next one, "Before Midnight"!
"Happy days" was just ok! Nothing special. I've bookmarked Dollar dreams and Life is beautiful.

Raju said...

Aparna, You are welcome.
'Before midnight' is news to me. Hope they both age well like wine. :)
Life is Beautiful is not much different from Happy Days, so I'm not sure how much you will like it.

Nag said...

Belated Happy Birthday.

Raju said...

Thank you Nagesh. :)