Aug 20, 2005

Few Questions .. Help !

To you CompSci people..

1) My Internet Explorer sucks for the past week or so.. More often than not, it hangs and I am forced to close it using the task manager. Is it a common problem? Is that the reason why many of you prefer Firefox?

2) My tamil posts are totally screwed up when I view my blogsite using firefox. What do I do to the character encoding?

3) My laptop has 512 MB RAM.. but, what I see in Windows Task manager is ----M/1055 M, i.e., 1.055 GB in the denominator, in the 'commit charge' space. Why so?

Thanks guys, in advance.. Have a Great Weekend !!!


Adaengappa !! said...

Im first to comment !!

Ennaku computer pathi onnum theriyathu..excuse me plzzz...

Raju said...

mm.. Paravalle Prabhu.. Ennai innum kuzhappama atleast unmaiyai othukkittu jagaa vaangitteengale.. adhukku romba thanks.. :-)

tt_giant said...

1. IE hangs may be due to a corrupted system file or spywares. Try to download the latest version (if you have the latest version, try downloading it anyway). Go to and download the toolbar for checking spywares.


The above site has a tamil font for Firefox. Try it out.

3. The commit charge indicates how much virtual memory your comp has. The denominator shows the virtual memory limit. If the numerator is more than the denom, then the comp starts complaining about "not enough space" - due to running several programs. Hope it is not very bad..

tt_giant said...

Quick follow-up.. looks like firefox has some issues with tamil fonts. Not sure if there is a soln. yet.

Raju said...

Thanks Deepak.. I will try with them.. I have the latest MS anti-spiware.. Will check out with yahoo too..

Another problem has come up now just today.. Keerthi had put a beautiful Tajmahal Windows desktop picture, which I chose as my desktop.. since then, I am not able to get the 'Show desktop' work at all.. *SIGH* need to restart and try.. Lemme come back at 10 PM and check out..

So, all those who read/write tamil blogs use only IE?

tt_giant said...

GP, by "SHow desktop" do you mean the short cut icon which sits rightside of the START button?..

If it is so, just right click on the taskbar-> toolbars -> quick launch..

Yea.. I was going thru my site statistics.. seems like all those who write in tamil are using IE!!..

Raju said...

Deepak, "Problems solved" (remember Nagesh telling in the car in MMKR).. :-) Thnk you sooo much...

I installed the Yahoo antispyware and it removed some 10 adwares... 1 is still not removed.. hope it doesnt make my IE hang!!

I installed the font for firefox and I can see the tamil fonts in firefox nicely..

The 'Show desktop' was there in the quicklaunch.. but, whenever I clicked, it didnt show the desktop.. Probably the Windows Vista desktop is huge size... (is 534 KB too large for background?). After restarting, it is working alright..

About the commit charge, it is weird.. sometimes, I can run 6 or 7 different programs still under control.. sometimes, with just two basic programs (outlook and IE), it was showing 100%.. damn.. I dont clutter my system tray nor my desktop.. Anyway, PCs are expected to misbehave once a while.. arent they? :-)

I bought this Gateway with AMD athlon.. I have heard one friend cribbing about his.. He wishes he bought one with intel.. My wife's VAIO with intel also misbehaves at times..

When I check others' tamil blogs (e.g., Narayanan and Venky) in firefox, the situation has improved but while some posts of one person are 100% alright, some arent.. OK.. i will use IE only when I have a tamil post..

Thanks again, Deepak..

tt_giant said...

ur welcome...

ala MMKR - LOL!

Anonymous said...

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