Aug 12, 2005

Cold medicine

Cant be more coincidental... 2 days after Prabhu wrote the effect of Milagu kozhambu on his cold, I caught a bad cold yesterday... Even though I consider the 'cold' as my twin, since I sneeze atleast twice a day (thanks to my sinusitis, now u know the reason for my old blog name)... Yesterday's was the "Worst of the year" kind.. and after doing nothing at work and watching the "Scorpion King" in the afternoon, I remembered something that happened almost 10 years back the same time.. In August 13-16, 1995, I was down with cold and fever in my first month in Bangalore (colder compared to Madurai, u see..). And there was this man, "Funda Bala" (also fondly called 'Karuthu Bala' since he had a karuthu for everything), who, after seeing me whining with cold and fever and thus not eat the "tricolor" cassata served during the special lunch on I-day '95, 'karuthufied' that he used to take butter-milk even during bad cold.

This past three weeks have been full of these "gnabagam varudhe" things.. I remember a lot my first few weeks of IISc.. Y'day I remembered Karuthu Bala and decided that, what the heck, let me try the terrific ice-cream that we bought just the previous day.. the cold cant get any worse.. and, may be, it might even kill my cold (like killing fire with fire).. I galloped lotsa that delicious ice-cream (no control) and .. thats it.. The watering from my nose stopped.. (hopefully it didnt solidify into that yucky yellow mass) and within an hour or two after the ice-cream, I was feeling really good..

Got up this morning, felt terrific.. took a nice head-bath and back to work.. Opened Balaji's blogsite, and, he writes about ice-creams..


tt_giant said...

LOL.. maybe you both have ESP!..

glad that you are ok now.

Me too said...

Thanks for sharing this remedy! That is one yummy tasting medicine! When my daughter's pediatrician recommended clear liquids(water, juice) to treat her cold, I was taken aback!!

Raju said...

Deepak.. yeah.. we sure have..

Aparna.. I am not sure this is a global remedy.. (I wish it is..) I think ur doctor's advice had probably got something to do with loss of fluid through nose ( however small it is, over continuous period of time, it is quite a lot..)

ram said...

Initially I too had simillar problems of sinusitis when I came to IISc all the way from Gandhigram, Dindigul. But now I am very much comfortable with ice creams, butter milk, etc., but I am pretty much careful to keep myself away from dust.

Raju said...

Welcome, Ram.. Good to see a reply from you.. I heard the good news about RK's award..