Mar 12, 2007

My favorite TV Shows: 1) MTV Roadies

Over the next few months, I will be writing about some of my most favorite TV shows in between my regular posts. These are the shows that I would do my best not to miss at all. First in the list is a program in MTV called "Hero Honda MTV Roadies" which had its fourth season completed just last week. It is a reality show, involving youngsters of age group 18-22.

The fun begins during the audition itself, which is conducted in most major cities - especially Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai and Kolkata. In each venue, hundreds of youngsters are filtered through questionnaire, group discussion and a handful are selected for personal interview. During the interview, the judges ask them some tough personality questions, which only the smart and tough ones can skilfully answer. Maximum of 3-4 are selected from one city, to make the total to 13 - in the gender ratio 6:7.

They are sent on a road trip for about 40 days, during which they travel thousands of kilometers, passing various tourist spots. In each place, they are asked to do some tasks which would win them some money. There are also some tasks in which there is a competition and the winner gets 'immunity'. Before leaving each place, there is a 'vote-out' in which each contestant votes against one person, except against the one who has won the immunity. The contestant who gets the maximum votes is voted out of the competition, and the group gets shrinking. Finally, when it comes to two, all the eliminated 11 are invited and are asked to vote to choose the winner. The winner gets all the prize money won over the duration of 40 days.

The show involves interesting tasks, friendships, politics, survival tactics and some daring acts. I have watched the last two seasons fully, and I am glad the most harmless persons have won finally. Interestingly, they are from North-East. The guy who won the first episode, Rannvijay, has been hired by MTV as the VJ, conducting shows the last two seasons. The 40-45 minutes of the show is very engrossing, with so many things happening each week. The guys and gals are quite good-looking, bold, and hippy.

Some of the tasks are hair-rising.. e.g., once in Bikaner, the task was to lie down on the famous 'rat temple' when the rats crawl on the body, scratch and bite too.. Sheesh... the person who withstands the rats for the longest time was the winner. There are some twists and turns in the relationship among them, and in the vote-out too. Overall, a thoroughly entertaining show.


Princess of Arabia said...

How sad that > 22 can't participate, would have been delighted seeing you on the show ;)

Anu said...

hey.. that was my fav show too.. frankly i really liked the first season as it was fresh and personalities were not defined (now u have the nerdy guy, the nasty gal..n so on!!!) ..Ok my question is the show relayed in the states?

Raju said...

Princess, well, it is not that >22 cant participate.. In Roadies-3, there was a 25 or 26 y.o. guy. Another criterion for selection into the show is fluent hindi knowledge, which I dont have. And, this show requires multi-dimensional folks.. I am largely 1-D.. so, enakkum indha show-vukkum yeni vachaalum ettadhu.. :)
Anu, gr8!! I didnt watch any episode from the I and II seasons. I can understand the freshness thing.. Even for me, Roadies-3 was more interesting than Roadies-4.

If you subscribe to DirecTV's 'Hindi Direct' package, you get MTV-Desi, in which this show is relayed.

Me too said...

Not much into TV shows since 'Friends' ended! And somehow I am averse to 'reality shows' without even giving it a try!

Hell's Angel said...

reminds me of the amazon race in AXN.. i have been catching up on it lately!! i guess the same concept involved in this one as well!!

i wonder how they agreed on to do this rat crawling thing.. yuckkk.. but then the show indeed sounds interesting!!

Raju said...

Aparna, unlike many reality shows, this one doesn't irritate at all.. so I dont have any complaints against it. Also, the ad-time during the show is very less..
Brindha, I donno about the amazon race. Roadies being a totally Indian show would be more fun, I guess.

Some of the tasks can be yucky, some tricky, some adventerous and some involving sports. In another task, they were made to consume a drink made by blending onion, some herbs, and chilly.. One hell of a task, I tell u..

Nitin said...

HI Raju, watching any live world cup matches? I am trying to find some place online to watch it, dishnetwork is pretty expensive, although good coverage for $199.99. let me know if you find any good online website that show the matches.

Marutham said...

WOW...Same blood.. :P

In fact roadies 1 was far better...
The new one has lotta cat fights..which actually do not support t spirit of the show!!
But ofcourse very entertaining :P ....
4 Peru adichukta- edhu dhaan entertainging'a irukadhu :P

Infact there r lotta beeps in the show...
munadi apdi ivlo kelvalama BEEP BEEP BEEP apdinu varla..
Ranvijay t current anchor himself did a decent job!
Hope i am right abt his name!

Raju said...

Nitin, no watching world cup matches. As u said, the price is expensive via all sources. I know of people who have subscribed to the online telecast by sharing the feed with 5-6 of their friends.. I think I will skip that; moreover, the matches happening in my day here, I cant afford to watch them LIVE.. Cricinfo is good for me.. Somehow I dont have that much of an enthusiasm this time.. No online streaming sites are available, thanks to some lawsuits..
Marutham, u too huh?

I saw some shots from Roadies 1.. Ranvijay was looking really young, smart and he deserved to win it. The cat fights in this season are at the maximum, mainly due to Baani. I didnt like her at all.. I wanted her to be eliminated early, but somehow she survived till the end..

And, as u said, most of the beeps were due to her. I wish one of Sonam, Swati or Rupali had survived till last 3.. Overall, I expected Anthony to win and I am glad he did.. I didnt like Raj as well. I am looking forward to the next season now..

Sonata said...

ah tht amazon epdisodes r purely adventurous trekking..mountain climbing and all.. but they do have similar things like eating these horrible things.. anyways sounds interesting..

Btw i got tht "kodai kaala kaatre" song.. original version..u want tht??

Raju said...

Brindha, interesting.. one other friend of mine told me about this a few days ago.

Would love to have "Kodai kaala katre" in my laptop. Plz send it.

razor said...

m doin engineering . i hav mah xams n december. i hav heard dat mumbai audtions for roadies 5.0 r on 28th oct.

when vil the show start...?

The show vil last 4 hw many days.... ?

if i get selected shall i b able 2 appear 4 mah xams....?

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