Mar 23, 2007

Good and bad

(Adopted from Tamilpakkam)

Two of my favorite ThirukkuRaLs..

இனிய உளவாக இன்னாத கூறல்
கனியிருப்பக் காய்கவர்ந் தற்று

(Iniya uLavAga innaatha kooRal
kaniyiruppak kaaikavarn thatru)

Meaning: Talking/saying bad things (or -ve things, or -ve words) when one can speak good, is like having an unripe fruit when the fruit is around.

தீயினால் சுட்டபுண் உள்ளாறும் ஆறாதே
நாவினால் சுட்ட வடு

(TheeyinAl suttapuN uLLARum ARAthey
nAvinAl sutta vadu)

Meaning: A wound caused by fire might heal within, but the scar created by tongue (words) wouldn't.

I always try to remember these two and try to implement them. I usually tend to say -ve things only if I really mean them. (Very shocking that even legends like Sunil Gavaskar can say something as insensitive as this in anger). I also like the phrase "Anger is one letter short of danger", which mostly prevents me from mouthing words out of anger and then repenting later. (Someone's probable momentary burst of anger has killed Bob Woolmer). I liked the mention of this Abraham Lincoln quote by Prem Panicker: "When you feel particularly angry, write a letter to the person who angered you, then tear it up."
In this context, I remember a couple of tamil movie songs:

1) Raasave unnai nambi indha rosaappoo irukkudhunga
oru vaarthai sollitteenga adhu usirai vandhu ulukkudhunga...

2) SollAl adicha Sundari..
Manam suttuvitta sogam ennadi..


J said...

Good post, Raju.

Nag said...

so when was the last time u said something in anger?
no need to answer if it is personal question.

tulipspeaks said...

i agree 100% with the 2nd kural. i try my best to becareful with my words, espl nowadays.


tulipspeaks said...

between im adding u to my google reader. hope u dont mind.


Anonymous said...

i thought there would be some more cricket opinions than a mention of SG.

Raju said...

J, Welcome here, and thanks.
Nag, erratic drivers often anger me, and, even screaming inside the car is equivalent to writing a letter and tearing it off.. so the anger is vented.. :)
Ammu, glad to see Kural's effect..

Google reader? No probs.. Will visit ur page sometime soon..

BTW, gr8 to know that u are a nutrition student.. I am trying to be a nutrition expert myself.. Will ask you questions from time to time.. May be you are gonna be honored to be my first official (free of course) nutrition advisor.. ;) what say? :)
Sanjay, let us get through today's game, boss.. My interest would come back..

OK.. FYI, one interesting, but not-so-good stat from me in relevance to today's game:
In the three previous cups, in a knock-out/very crucial game, India has won a toss, inserted the opposition in, and been defeated black and blue.. Batting first made sense for various reasons in each instance...

2003: WC Final - Ganguly asks Aus to bat, much to Ponting's delight. It was almost 5 years since India last won against Aus by chasing, but still Ganguly flounders. And, in the WC, Aus had shown its vulnerability while chasing more than while defending..

1999: First super-six game, again vs Aus - India enters the super-6 with no carry-over point, and had to win all the 3 games to qualify for the semis.. Azhar bowls first and we lose. India had a few famous victories vs Srilanka and England while batting first and the momentum was with us.. We s'd hae batted first then.

1996: That infamous semi-final at Kolkata.. Jayasuriya's assaults while chasing notwithstanding, Azhar missed reading the newly laid pitch and paid a heavy price.

Today, Lanka is 159/4 in 37th over.. Would be tempted to say Advantage India at this stage, considering the absence of Atapattu.. but if the Lankan tail wags and if they manage to score 100-110 in the remaining 13 overs, it would be tough to chase. Let us see..

Janani said...

Hey I certainly agree with second one. B'coz I lose my temper very easily and I keep telling myself to calm down.

Good Work

Me too said...

My favourite kural (and which I wish I could follow) is

"Enni thuniga karmum thuninthapin
ennuvum enpathu izhukku"

And my policy too is "if you cannot say anything nice, don’t say anything at all"

Nitin said...

good quotes Raju, have always wanted to read the thirukural, but haven't had a chance, will try to read in the coming days, poor form of India, but they deserve it, they were not fit to go to super 8s, atleast some reality will set in to the indian audience, these players get paid in crores for their advertisement, and other things, but dont show any improvement in their cricket.

Raju said...

Janani, hmmmm.. while many are short-tempered, most of them dont tell themselves to calm down.. Does it work for u?
Aparna, hmmm.. thats a good one too. I try to implement it too by not being careful about giving falst promises and high hopes.

Yeah, silence is truly golden.. :)
Nitin, hmmm.. as you would have seen, I was not having high hopes on this team for this world cup but still this early exit wasnt expected.. The team was all hype and no material. I dont think anything major would happen to the way cricket is administered/played here.. after a few months of grievance, it would be business as usual..

Anonymous said...

thirukural ellam padichen...thiruvalluvar is a genius.
but when we are deadly angry we tend to forget everything.
kovam kannai maraikum :-D
so kuralum maranthu poogum

Raju said...

Thurgah, Thirurkkuralum padichirukeengala? Kalakkunga..

That 'deadly angry' is the thing one should try to avoid/control, since its effects are likely to be deadly.. Sometimes, I become too philosophical that I suppress many of my negative emotions.. and I am happy I do it.