Mar 29, 2007

Tamil Movie Quiz - 1

I was thinking about it for a long time, and at last decided it is the time. I am going to include quiz on Tamil movies time-to-time. During these quiztioning, I would enable comment moderation so that the answers would be revealed after a significant number of people have commented. Some may be very easy, but, it would give me a chance to gauge your expertise, to plan accordingly for future questions. Here we go..

1) Who are the only two actresses to have acted in the movies directed by the great Mani Ratnam, K. Balachander, and Bharathiraja AND acted with Kamal, Rajini, Satyaraj, Vijayakanth, Prabhu and Karthik?

2) X and Y were working as assistant directors to a director, whose son is a famous star now. X and Y were good friends, and made a deal that, whoever gets to direct a movie first, the other would work with him as an assistant director. X was the first to get lucky, and Y worked with him for his first two movies. Y was given a chance to direct by the producer of those two movies (who had a fall-out with X) and never looked back since. The career of X, unfortunately, went the other way after Y left him. Y has also famously produced some quality movies directed by his assistants. That is probably because he knows about the struggles of a young and aspiring assistant director, since he himself was one. Who are X and Y?

3) A and B were assistant directors to a very famous director and close buddies as well. They co-directed their first movie together. Probably differences started arising then, and they parted ways. Tamil cine industry's top two stars embraced each of them; in a movie in which A and B were assistant directors, the two top stars had acted together. A and B have gone on to direct some memorable movies, but the aforementioned stars never acted under the other director. A and B took into acting as well, and did character/negative roles. B has been much more successful than A, and can be labeled as a mass-director. Some of his movies have been record-breakers. Who are A and B?

4) Who are the only two directors to have directed Sivaji, Kamal, Rajini, Vijayakanth, Satyaraj, Prabhu, Karthik and Vadivelu?

PS: For qns. 2-4, all are discrete answers.


Me too said...

Coming to show why you are referred to as TMDB, huh? :)

1. Revathy and Kushbu

2. SarathKumar and ?

3. Manivannan & ?

4. Is there even one director who has directed them all???

raj said...

1. Bhanupriya(Thalapathi, Azhagan, Sitaara(Telugu), Magarasan, Thalapathi, Magudam, Vijaykanth many movies, Uzhavan, Karthik Many movies)
2. Khushboo(Alai paauythae, Jaadhi Malli, Captain Magal, Singaaravelan, Annamalai,Riksha mama, en kitta modhadhe,chinna thambi, varusham-16
Also, Since you said acted with and not acted as jodi of, there is a 3rd actress
3. Revathi(Manirahtnam many movies,Punnagai Mannan, Mann Vaasanai, Punangain Mannan, Kai Kodukkum Kai,Pagal Nilavu,En AAsai machan, Prabhu many movies, Karthik many movies) :-)
In pagal Nilavu, Satyaraj was villain though.
4. Suhasini acted will all except Kamal, though Kamal played the bus conductor in the kannada remake of Aval oru thodargathai with Suhasini in the lead! She acted in Telugu movies under Bharathiraaja, so it is her husband who lets her down for her not tbe part of this list!
Radha almost makes it with Balachander and MR letting her down :-)
Gauthami misses out on all 3 directors but makes it with all actors.
Sukanya too made it with all actors and Bharathiraaaja but misses out on MR and KB.
2. pavithran -Shankar.
3.Bharathi-Vasu. kamal-Rajni
4. Bharathiraja?KS Ravikumar?I know, RV Udayakumar!

J said...

Ahaa :-) Sonata's music quiz la irunthu ippa ungha movie quiz ah :-) good for us :-) dho answers try panren.

J said...

1) one is Revathy. Another is one of Amala or Rekha or Raadha or Ambika??? :D

2) Y is Shankar and X theriyalai.

3) Manivannan and Sundarajan.

4) Vadivelu vaa?? Directed him as a comedian ryt? Guess, the directors are P. Vasu and Sundar C?

ufff, Question paper romba tough aa irunthathu :-)

Waiting for the answers!!! seekiram moderation off panungha :p

Raju said...

Aparna, ur answers for 2 and 3 are not right. And, for 4, yes, there are indeed 2 directors.

Ur answer to 2) has a close link to one of the directors, X.. The person you have mentioned acted in the first four movies of X. Another clue is, interestingly, Y hasnt directed that actor yet.

And, ur answer to #3 is not a contemporary to the directors A and B. Most of A and B's movies were a decade newer to the director you have mentioned.
Raj, Well done.. but, you have two more actresses to the correct answer of only two. I will explain it after the answers are published. The catch is, I think you have missed on the 'directors' part I mentioned in the qn. 1.
J, for 1, the second actress is neither of the four u mentioned.

One of ur answer to qn. 4 is one of A/B in qn. 3.

I have included a few more clues for 2 and 3, after getting the comments from you three. Lemme see .. :)

Nag said...

1) revati and gautami

J said...

Adada, orae padam elaam poatu :-) nice nice, go ahead :-)

J said...

1) ya, i know...antha 4 perum atleast oru actor combination'la miss aanaangha..irunthaalum unghaluku theriyuthaanu paathen ;-)

Is it Srividhya?? neengha "jodi" nu sollalai :p

2) sutham.

3) P.Vasu and K.S Ravikumar????

4) is my answer correct for this?

J said...

heyyy for 1) the actress is Banupriya??

Badri said...

1. Revathi & Radha
2. *blinking*
3.* thinking*
4. K.S. Ravi kumar & R.V Udayakumar.

Badri said...

3. Santhana bharathi/ P.Vaasu

Raju said...

Nag, first actress is right.
J, theriyama naan indha question eduthu viduvena? Ennai pathi ungalukku theriyadhu.. Naan comment moderation off pannumbodhu 'Me too'-voda comment padichu parunga.. ;)

Neenga sonna actresses (in two different comments sent last night) Bharathiraja padathule nadikkaleye.. Actually the answer is quite simple. Think hard.

Ur first guess for (3) is correct.
And, what u had earlier guessed for (4) are not the right answers.
Badri, ur first actress for qn. (1) is correct. The second came pretty close.. but she didnt act in any of KB's movies.

(3) -- Absolutely right.

Ur second director for qn. (4) is correct. The first one hasn't yet directed Vijayakanth.

Sathish Jay said...

1. Revathy and Kushboo
2. Pavithran and Shankar
3. P.Vasu and Santhana Bharathi
4. P.Vasu and RV UdayaKumar/KS Ravikumar/Suresh Krishna

Sathish Jay said...

I didn't sequence my earlier comment
1. Revathy and Kushboo
2. X- Pavithran Y- Shankar
3. A- Santhana Barathi B-P.Vasu
4. P.Vasu and RV.UdayaKumar/Suresh Krishna/KS Ravikumar

ada-paavi!!!! said...

1) revathi. kushboo, Sushasini?

2)Shanker, the big director is kastoriraja?


4)bharathiraja, P Vasu? wild guess,

ada-paavi!!!! said...

4th one i think second director is K S Ravikumar

raj said...

Raju, no I havent. I take it you have 2 more names but the actresses I mentioned have atleast one movie under each of the mentioned directors baton! So , I guess you have to reframe the question. If you have 2 more names, then 4 actresses have acted with all the actors mentioned and in the directors mentioned! Infact, 5 if you consider telugu movies as well since as I mentioned B has done tamil movies with all directors and actors except BR, which she has done in telugu!

J said...

1) Kushpoo? but avangha nadicha Bharathiraaja movie iruka theriyalai.

Raju said...

Sathish Jay, welcome here..

1-3: Right, right, right..!!! :)

4: That first director is not the right answer; and, as I added in my PS, all the answers are discrete, meaning no repetition.

Ur first choice for the second director (among the three u have given) is right. Think hard for right answer... Clue: He is a veteran.
Prabhu, 1 - right; Though the third actress has apparently acted with Kamal only in another language.

2) Correct. The big director u mentioned - no; Clue: Captain was his favorite actor.

3 and 4 - Correct.
Raj, I wasnt aware of the other languages. Since my post title was 'Tamil film quiz', I escape... :) Good job indeed.. And, sorry I forgot what u had mentioned about 'S' and her hubby letting her down.. So, in Tamil, it is indeed only two, illaiya?
J, yes, u r rite.. Remember the song "Endha pennilum Illadha Ondru".. Rings a bell? :)

J said...

Ohhhh yesssssssss :-):-)

J said...

For 3) by any chance is Mr.A "Santhaana Bharathy"?

J said...

For 2) X is Ibrahim Ravuthar? :-) and Shankar is Y -- adhu thappa correct a??

btw, eppa moderation off panna poreengha? :p

Nitin said...

tough quiz Raju, didn't know the answer for any of them, please post the answers when u have time. btw, did u listen to sivaji soundtrack, its not too bad, i like it, very youthful, yuvan like music. cant wait to see it on the big screen.

Balaji said...

1. Revathi and Kushboo
2. Pavithran and Shankar
3. Santhanabharathi and P.Vasu
4. R.V.Udayakumar

Haven't figured out the 2nd director for #4 yet but wanted to send these in to see if i got them right :)

Awesome quiz btw :)

Raju said...

OK.. here are the answers:

1) Revathi and Kushboo (Look at Raj's answer for all the movies)

2) X- Pavithran; Y-Shankar. They were assistants to S.A. Chandrasekhar, Vijay's dad. The producer that gave them their first movies was K.T. Kunjumon.

3) A- Santhanabharathi; B- P. Vasu . They worked with Sridhar as assistants. Their first movie was 'Paneer Pushpangal' which they directed as 'Bharathi-Vasu'. Santhanabharathi went to Kamal's camp while P.Vasu went to Rajini's.

4)Bharathiraja (Sivaji-Mudhal mariyadhai; Kamal&Rajini-many; Vijayakanth-Tamilselvan; Satyaraj-Vedam Puthithu; Prabhu-Pasumpon; Karthik-Alaigal Oivathillai; Vadivelu-Eeranilam), and
R.V. Udayakumar (Sivaji &Satyaraj-Pudhiya Vanam); Kamal-Singaravelan; Rajini-Ejaman; Vijayakanth&Vadivelu-Chinna Koundar; Prabhu&Karthik-Urimai Geetham.

Raj got it all right (in fact, more than right..) :); Sathish Jay & Balaji got 7 out of 8; Vatsan & J - 6/8; Badri - 4/8.

Raju said...

Vatsan, sorry.. ungalaiyum 'Adengappa' Prabhu-vaiyum confuse panni ungalai Prabhu-nnu kooppittutten... kandukkaadheenga.. ;)
J, :)

Indeed 'A' is Santhanabharathi and 'Y' is Shankar..

Nitin, ya.. directors pathi kettu tough aakkitten..

I listened Sivaji songs (3 of them); my next post is on that- so watch out. :)
Balaji, Thanks..
I guess many wouldn't have known that Bharathiraja directed Captain in the hopeless movie 'Tamilselvan'.. Was that ur case too?

Balaji said...

amam, i think i even saw 'tamilselvan' but didn't remember it :(

Anonymous said...

நான் இந்த விளையாட்டுகே வரலை.thurgah escape :)))
my knowledge in movies is very bad

Raju said...

Balaji, I know.. While Bhararhiraja's movies with others are quite memorable, Tamilselvan was an exception. I am sure that, had it been a hit, many would have come up with the answer.. :)
Thurgah, :)

raj said...

yaay! Namakkum konjam therinjirukku! I remembered Tamilselvan but I couldnt guess BR-Vadivelu combo.

Yosichu parthadhula, Shobana fits 1 almost except for Bharathiraja and Amala fits all except KB. Radha hasnt done a KB movie is it? B'cos I can think of atleast one movie with the rest for her.

Anonymous said...

Revathi and Manorama

raj said...

Manorama = No Manirathnam movie hence disproved :-)

Raju said...

Raj, konjama, niraiyave therinjirukku Boss.. :)

Alongwith Shobana and Amala, I think there are some more actresses with 1 missing link. e.g. Radhika, who hasnt acted in KB's movie and Sumithra.
Anon, surpringly no Maniratnam movie for her yet, as Raj said.

raj said...

Raju, Radhika-manirthnam? Radhika-Karthik?

raj said...

oka, pagal nilavu, yes. But Karthik?

Raju said...

Raj, LOL.. we seem to be communicating in real-time.. There is a movie which she acted with Karthik, but she was his mother-in-law.. Any guess? ;)

Princess of Arabia said...

he he , I know the answer for Raj's ques :D 'Revenge and Vengeance'

raj said...

raju, correetu. Kottai vuttutaen athai. Vechukava unna mattum nenjukulle...muthadudhae vaanam

Raju said...

Princess, and Raj, spot on.. :)

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