Apr 6, 2007

My Fav TV Shows: 2.Nach Baliye

'Nach Baliye' was a dance-competition for the couples of Hindi TV industry. Here again, I watched only the second season, and from the limited knowledge, I feel that it was better than the first one. There were 10 couples chosen, and after the first week, the poorest performing couple would be eliminated in each week, similar to the 'American Idol'. Most of them were good-looking, and danced reasonably well too. Three judges - Malaika Arora-Khan, Saroj Khan (famous Hindi film choreographer) and Kunal Kohli (Director of movies like Fanaa and Hum Tum) and the public would cast their votes.

Each week would have a theme for which the couples would practice hard for 6 days and perform. Some of the themes were love, marriage, comedy and Indian diversity. It was very interesting, since the competition was pretty intense. Most of the couples had almost no prior experience in dancing, so each of them was provided with dance masters, who were assistants to famous choreographers of Hindi film industry. It turned out that lucky were the couple who got the best choreographers. I almost always liked the performances of four couples. The eventual award-winning couple, Hussain and Tina, danced fantastic in the last 3 or 4 rounds, and were hands-down winners. Click the following clips, in which they danced blind-folded, or with a rope, These were some of their best and my favorites too..

There were some cool dances by other couples too, which were available in youtube at that time but not anymore.. :( Eagerly waiting for the next season now..


Princess of Arabia said...

Good that you are posting on your fav tv show..am eagerly waiting that by your 5th post on this series, you would include Anandham, Arasi, Letchmy, etc since you've started watching Sun TV. He he

Btw, the couple is marvellous. Wish they had such programmes in Tamil.

J said...

wow, nice program and dance. intha program paathu thaan, Vijay TV la pannaaangha pola...TV Drama artists have performed in that.

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

As J mentioned..I jus saw couple of Tamil versions.. and hindi maalum nagi! :P Hehehhe

Raju said...

Princess, ahaa.. ippadi ellam aasai irukka? Adhu indha jenmathuley nadakkadhu.. :)

Yeah, the couple was fantastic indeed.. They were touted to win the finals atleast 4-5 weeks before the program ended..
J, Vijay TV-leya? watching our tele-heroes and heroines dance would be a nightmare, I guess.. :) Was it OK?
Ponnarasi, Hindi theriyalenna kooda indha clips-ai thatti parunga.. 2 1/2 minutes-le super dance parkkalam.. esp. the blindfold one.. I have never seen anything like that even in movies so far..

Me too said...

Wow! After watching these clips, I went and read about Tina & Hussain on the net and it seems Tina is not even a pro. dancer!!

Recently heard about a similar talent show programme(Kalakka povadhu yaaru) in Vijay TV. A little gross but check this out!

Raju said...

Aparna, yeah, Tina is a fashion designer and the only non-celebrity in the show involving 20. Thanks to their choreographers, they danced excellently well.

Thanks for providing the link.. It was a gr8 performance, IMHO... The programs 'Kalakka povadhu yaaru' (which is now shamelessly copied in Sun TV as 'Asatha povadhu yaru') was inspired from 'The Great Indian Laughter Challenge' for which Sidhu and Shekhar Suman were the judges, and people from India and Pakistan participated.

In the main blog page (from ur link), u can see the 'Jodi No. 1' videos, which is the Tamil version of 'Nach Baliye'. I was surprised that there were a few decent performances in Tamil too, though not as good as the Hindi ones.

i think therefore i am said...

the nach baliye part 1 was a lot more genuine i felt. Because of the enormous success of that there was a lot of pressure on this part. My fav couple were tina and hussain too.. There was one dance that they did blindfold..amazing it was..

Raju said...

Cogito, I agree about the genuinness, but the pressure brought the best out of the contestants. Though Gauri-Hiten were lucky to survive thanks to audience vote, Manav-Shweta s'd have been in the top 3. Tenaaz-Bakhtyar were good in the beginning but the graceness of their dance slowly faded away.. and Bakhtyar showed how bad a loser he was, when he couldnt digest his ouster in the top-3 level.

The blindfold dance is already given as a youtube link.. yeah, truly amazing.

Anonymous said...

what's the tamil version known as?
Is it as good as the hindi one?

Raju said...

Anon, the Tamil version is known as 'Jodi No. 1' in Vijay TV..

I saw a few performances .. I wasn't impressed.