Apr 2, 2007


Yesterday, I received this e-mail, which made me all excited.. I was like "Wow.. after songs, now the movie, eh?"

So, I went to this site, and the excitement went only further up.. .. only that I forgot what day it was!!
I clicked on the download link, which took me to this webpage. Ange ponaa, 'Idhudhan bulbu enbadha'.... Ethanaiyo perukku bulbu kudutha enakkey ivlo periya bulba?


ada-paavi!! said...

tamilasia.com has the songs

J said...


Princess of Arabia said...

yea, it was too good to be true. I was expecting atleast a small trailer :(

tt_giant said...

!!!! adhu seri.. innum konjam naaL aana, this will be a true email!

Anu said...

he he.. good one!! i know a couple of pals to who had something similar happen to them

Raju said...

Vatsan, thanks for the info.. :)
J, :)
Princess, hmmm.. too good to be true indeed.. I am also eagerly looking forward to the trailer, since Shankar's trailers have always been top-notch..
Deepak, yeah, I think 'Kudaikkul Mazhai' was 'released' online just before the theatrical release.. Not sure though.. Enna irundhalum Shankar movie-yai theater-le parkkuradhu madhiri varuma? :)
Anu, hmm.. Yaan petra inbam ivvaiyagamum petradhu kurithu peru magizhchi.. :)

Me too said...

Romba naalaikku(varushathukku?) apparam semma April phool-a!!

J said...

Bulbu podhum..next quiz eppo? :-)

btw, did you happen to watch Vijay TV progam "Coffee with Anu" before you framed the questions?...When I was talking to my mom yesterday, she was just mentioning abt this program where P. Vasu and Santhaana Bharathy were the guests the other day.

Raju said...

Aparna, yes.. romba varushathukku appuram.. Sandhegapadavey vidama adichanga parunga oru nethi adi.. hmmm...
J, avlo seekkiram ellam next quiz varadhu.. yosikkanumilley.. :)

I dont watch Vijay TV. What a coincidence..
In fact, I dont watch any Tamil channel, until from y'day.. Now I have SunTV at home.. Hurray!!! :)

Princess of Arabia said...

Yennadhu, you don't watch any Tamil channel ahh?? you don't know what all you have missed- Anandham, Lakshmi, Anjali, Selvi, Kolangal, etc ;)

J said...

okay..its worth waiting :-) cool, enjoy watching Sun TV!

Raju said...

Princess, after having a glance at those you mentioned, I am glad I missed them.. ;)
J, unga patience-ku romba nandri. According to my blog policy, I will try to not post on the same topic immediately. Moreover, the quiz thing will take some real quality time if it has to be good. 1 qn. is ready; thinking at times for the other two..