Apr 16, 2007

Tamil Movie Quiz - 2

1) A famous line uttered by Kamal in Pammal K. Sambandham is:

"Pazhamozhiyai anubavikkanum; aarayakkodathu".

Last weekend, I was watching an old movie in which, surprisingly, Rajini commented the same - but it was not on 'pazhamozhi'. When I was discussing at length about this movie to my close buddy, this analogy was invented. That was not a very successful movie, but was critically highly acclaimed. It was directed by a debutant. This comment by Rajini shows him as a sexist in that movie. Interestingly, it had Kamal as well.. Which movie is it?

2) One more qn. on assistant directorship. Probably the longest chain of directorship in Tamil, may be even in the entire Indian cinema..

'A' was a director under whom 'B' was an assistant director. The initial of 'A' is 'A' and the first letter of 'B' is actually B... :) . 'A' is not such a famous director as 'B' but still has directed big stars such as Kamal, Rajini and Vijayakanth (after 'B' left him). Many assistant directors of 'B' got very famous, but his most famous disciple was 'C', who had even acted in a few of B's earlier movies. 'C', until recently, was always the hero in his movies. 'D' was assistant to 'C', and the first movie of 'D' had a hero and heroine introduced in the same movie by B, along with 'D' himself.

In that super-hit movie, he introduced a new heroine, on whom he apparently had a crush. He made his second movie with a title conveying to the world indirectly that he is set to pair with her in real life too. Probably she didn't like that kind of arrogant behavior, so they parted ways. 'E' was assistant director to 'D' and he directed his first movie with the aforementioned actress as the heroine. He too named his second movie along the similar lines of second movie of 'D' but it was more of an open proposal. Soon, they got married.

'F' was assistant to 'E' and his first movie too was a run-away hit. He has made himself a name for directing soft and decent movies. He has provided new lease of life to many famous stars, when their careers were in crossroads. 'G' was assistant to 'F', and his movie, surprisingly was a thriller, with the heroine that 'F' had introduced in his first movie. 'G' has been highly successful with only countable number of flops. He is labeled as 'The Distributors' Director'. He tries to appear in at least a few frames in all his movies, and has acted in -ve and character roles as well. 'H' was assistant to 'G' and is known for quality movies. He is recently into acting as well. His first successful hit as a hero was a superb film. 'J' was assistant to 'H' and directed one of the most successful movies of last year with a totally unexpected actor as hero, and choosing a very different genre. His name has two parts, the first part the nickname of an upcoming, talented young hero and the second part, the name of a villain actor from Kerala. All the first movies of B to H were super-hits.

The offspring of B, C, D and E have all acted in movies.

Identify the directors B to J.. if you can guess 'A', it is a bonus as well..

3) Often in movies we see inspirational stories.. someone struggling to make it big, becoming hugely famous after getting his first chance. A few years ago, a movie, which was a Pongal release, had the story of a talented singer waiting for a breakthrough.. The movie is not all about him, though. It had a female protagonist. He is shown to become very famous with his very first song. I thought "Hmm.. in this competitive world, it would be an ideal case".. how I was proven wrong.. Less than 20 months later, the audio of a famous director's second movie was released, in which a song rendered by a newcomer was a huge hit. He went on to win national award for that song (and for another beautiful song for a movie released the month after his first movie). That was a real turning point in his career. I must add that he was famous in another elite league but his first song made him famous all over the state. Who is the singer in question?

PS: Comments moderated as usual, for sometime.

More clues are added - in yellow.. Have fun cracking.. :)


Nagesh said...

i dont know answers for any of them


Happy Birthday!!

Sathish Jay said...

Have been out of touch with tamil movies/songs the last few years. But I think I can solve your 2nd qn - B-Barathiraja. C-Bhagyaraj. D-Pandiarajan. E-Parthiban. F-Vikraman. G-KSRaviKumar H-Cheran. J-Simbudevan

Is your qn1 - Aval Appadithaan? Or a movie with Kamal + Rajni (old BW movie)

J said...

yeyyy, Quiz post :-))

#3 - Unni Krishnan. Movie Kaadhalan. Another beautiful song theriyalai.

#2 thalai suthuthu. inum fulla padikalai :)

#1 - guessing ...

will come again :D

Sathish Jay said...

Btw, A is A Jagannathan!!

J said...

#1: movie: "AvaL Appadithaan" ..idhebdi iruku :-)

tt_giant said...

quiz ellam aparam.. modhalla happy b day!!!

Me too said...

Suththam! Onnu kooda theriyale! Adhuvum #2, I think I can solve an algebra problem better!! ;)

P.S. - Critically acclaimed, debutant director which are not mostly associated with Rajni films-nnaalum kooda theriyalaye!! Haiyo!

Princess of Arabia said...

Quiz for Raju

1. Who is the most popular figure in the history of motion picture?
2. Flying machine can be associated with whom ?
3. Which holy father's book was known as Jesus of Nazareth?
4. What is the common factor between them and you ?

Bonus optional question : name the master mind behind most of your quiz questions?
* Clue - great minds share same birth date

Getting older and wiser huh...Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday Raju

J said...

heyy bday va...16th or 17th? Many more happy returns of the day, Raju :-) have fun!

Sundar Narayanan said...

happy birthday GP


J said...

Okay, I did some homework and found something :-) Please check if its correct.

A- A.Jaganathan
B- Bharathiraja

I hope the hierarchy starts like this and the directors who come to my mind are Bhagyaraj, Manivannan, Parthiban and pandiyarajan. I am trying to fit each one to an alphabet using your clues. otti varavae maatenguthu :( ethavathu onu thappu aaguthu.

is G -> Manivannan?
and J -> Vasantha balan?

J said...

heyy, J is "Chimbudevan" :-) confirmed!!

hayoo, ippa tree inum kozhapam aayidichu :D

J said...

F - Vikraman
G - K.S Ravikumar
H - Cheran
J - Chimbudevan

correcta idhu?? :-) first idha solungha, apram inum mela irukavangha pathi work panren :p

Anonymous said...

F - Vikraman
G – KS Ravikumar
H - Cheran
J – Chimbudevan

Senthil said...

Answers for Q.no:2

A - A.Jagannathan
B - Bharathiraja
C - Bhakyaraj
D - Pandiaraajan
E - Parthiban
F - Vikraman
G - K.S.Ravikumar
H - Cheran
J - Simbhudevan.

I m not sure about A - E, but these are the closest matches that i could conclude. If they were right, I think Pandiaraajan's first movie was not Aanpavam, it's Kannirasi (I believe so). And I thought Vikraman never worked as assistant director to anyone. waiting for the answers.

Raju said...

Nagesh, hmm.. I didnt expect you to answer the quiz.,. Thanks a lot for ur wishes.. :)
Deepak, double thank you.. :)
Aparna, LOL.. romba kuzhappittena? Lemme add few more clues to make it lil easier..

The director of the film you are talking about has directed only 2 movies.. so most people dont know about him; but, this movie is considered by many as one of the best movies ever made in tamil..
Princess, thank you so much for your wishes. :)
1) Charlie Chaplin
2) One of the Wright brothers?
3) Theriyadhu
4) They were born April 16

The mastermind behind most of my quiz questions is....... ME!!
J, it is 16th.. Thanks to you too.. :)

Balaji said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Raju :)

1. Aval Appadithaan

2. A - A.Jagannathan
B - Bharatiraja
C - Bhagyaraj
D - Pandiarajan
E - Parthiban
F - Vikraman
G - K.S.Ravikumar
H - Cheran
J - Simbhu Devan

3. Shankar Mahadevan

I have some doubts about my answers for 2) and 3). But I'll wait to c if my answers are correct b4 I ask my doubts :)

Senthil said...

Answer for the first q.

Rudhraiyya (Film; Aval appadithan)

Senthil said...

Forgot to add. Belated B'day wishes [Its 17th here now:-)]

Anonymous said...

F- Vikraman
G – KS Ravikumar
H - Cheran
J – Chimbudevan

J said...

this is not fair :( you didnt reply to my questions about my answers :D

Raju said...

Sundar, thank you thank you.. :)
Senthil, thanks to you too .. :)
J, very sorry.. I was about to reply to your and others' answers, but unfortunately had to visit your place, NJ for some urgent work.. So, here come the answers..

Raju said...

Sathish Jay, absolutely right answers for 1 and 2 that you have attempted..
J, answers for 1 and 3 are right..

Correct answers for A, B, F, G, H and J in qn. (2) as well... So, go ahead and guess C, D and E..
Senthil, right answers for qns. 1 and 2..

I am sorry, you are right.. D's first movie was not the one I mentioned.. it was his second.. but, I guess most think like me.. Lemme see..
Balaji, thanks for ur wishes.. :)

Answers for 1 and 2 are completely right.. And, as you doubted, answer 3 is not right..
Anon, ur guesses for F to J (for qn. 2) are right..

Balaji said...

3) Unnikrishnan

The "A few years ago..." in the question really threw me off since the time period in question is almost 15 years ago :)

btw, on question 2, was E assistant to D? or should it be E was assistant to C?

J said...

that yellow color clue in #3 is for #1 I guess :-)

J said...

yep, your new clues confirm my guesses.

C - Bhakyaraj
D - Pandiyarajan
E - Parthiban

correct aa?

Me too said...

Belated birthday wishes, Raju!

1. Mahendran?

2. Bharathiraja, Bagyaraj, Pandiarajan, Pathiban andha group-nnu theriyudhu but who matches who-nnu therila!! :)

Raju said...

Balaji, true.. "A few" was actually 14. Neither too old nor recent.. Sorry for the mislead..

I somehow remembered that E worked as an assistant to D.. but when I checked in Wiki, as you said, he was assistant to C.. Somehow my memory deserted me.. Thanks for pointing out.
J, guesses for C, D and E are right..
Aparna, 1 - Not Mahendran. My additional clue, plus J's above remark should help you..

2 - Unga sequence was absolutely right.. they indeed were B, C, D and E, in right sequence.. U need to guess for F to J..

J said...

Yeyyy, 100/100 this time :-))

ya, Balaji is right. enaku therinja varaikum kooda, E worked as assistant to C dhaan. sari, neengha solreenghalae, correct aa thaan irukumnu nenachen ;-) inimae gavanama iruken :-)

btw, I never knew F was assistant to E and G was assistant to F. Thanks for that.

Rajesh said...

Raju, I posted two days back itself. But it didnt get reflected. So, posting again.
Firstly, super quiz, tough one as everyone has mentioned. So , congrats.
I was thrilled two days back to gete 2 right before everyone else but now it looks like I have lost tht seniority :-(
It is Puttanna Kanagal->Bharathiraja->Bhagyaraj-?Pandiarajan->Parthiban->Vikraman->KSR->Cheran->Simbudevan
I never knew that Manaivi Ready was Pandiarajan's jollu proposal to Seetha. Pondatti Thevai, ofcourse, was famously Parthiban's application to Seetha.
Cheran->Vijay Milton-nu doubt irundhadu but the clues made it clear tht it is SimbuDevan.

On Rajni's Comment, was it "Pombalaiya araya koddadhu?( I havent seen Aval Appadi Thaan and I am just guessing from what I have read about the movie- Rudraya ofcurse is the director)

The singer is surely Unnikrishnan who got Natl Award for Pavithra and Kaadhalan. But the inspiring movie I cannot guess...

Senthil said...

Got the answer for third question. As Balaji said, the "few years" hint was heavily misleading.

The singer is Unnikrishnan.

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hahaha..Cinema quiz :D Naa varala intha velayatuku :P

Bytheway long time no c??? How r u?

Me too said...

#1 Oh, She is like that only's director-a?

BTW, when will you reveal the answers? *head vedichings*

Raju said...

J, hmm.. naanum gavanama irukken.. :)

U r welcome.. Idhukkellam thanks edhukku.. Thanks for participating in the quiz very eagerly.. :)
Rajesh, Thanks.. :)

All ur answers are correct..
Senthil, actually, it appears to me as "few years", since I remember all themovies and other stuff very much from my early college days.. Sorry for the misleading again..

Anyway, ur answer for #3 is right..
Aparna, yes, correct.. Thats the movie.. No need to guess the director. :)
Ponnarasi, enna ippadi jagaa vaangitteenga..

I am fine, thank you.. Long time busy.. adhan..

Badri said...

1. Thillu Mullu
2. CAT, GRE, GMAT, atha vidunga..LKG la kuda ivalavu kuzhapamana kelvi ketathu illa.
3. Unnikrishnanan

Raju said...

Badri, 3 mattum correct..

LOL on ur answer #2.. :)

Thanks for participating in the quiz, everyone!!

raj said...

raju, which was the movie you were talkinb about in #3?

Raju said...

Raj, oops sorry.. I forgot about it..

1) The movie is 'Aval Appadithan' directed by Rudriah.

2) U know the sequence A to J.

3) The movie I mentioned is 'Marupadiyum' (released Pongal 1993) in which Aravindswamy appears as the aspiring singer. In October 1994, 'Kadhalan' was released whose 'Ennavale' made Unnikrishnan famous overnight. He won national award for this song and for 'Uyirum neeye' of 'Pavithra'.

S. said...

Hi Raju: I chanced upon ur web site and loved it. Let me introduce myself. My name is Anand. I am currently in New Jersey doing my post doc and graduated from IISc from the ECE department.

Your second quiz question reminded me of my XII Chemistry question paper where we used to have "compund A reacts with B to produce C which becomes pink in alkaline solution ..." I didnt get it right then and couldnt get it right now too. Anyway, nice reading ur comments/reviews and best of all ur description of ur research problem.

I was always terrible in Chemistry and hence used to run away from the subject, but believe me reading about ur work made me feel interested in polymers.

Have a great day ...