Apr 16, 2008

Male melodies

When I wrote on female melodies, I wanted to write no my favorite solos of male singers as well. The number is really a huge one.. so I have listed the best songs by each male singer that I cherish listening to most..

I got a chance to listen to it first time only when I watched the movie a couple of years ago. I had seen the female version of the song on TV but wasnt greatly influenced by it. But, Hariharan's version is simply superb. Apart from one minor blip when he pronounces 'kallukkum' instead of 'kaLLukkum', it is a near perfect song. AR Rahman has used Hindustani music to good effect, knowing that Hariharan's voice would blend well with it.
Among his thousands of solo songs, it was quite difficult to pick one, but the above number is indeed a very special one; a superb blend of SPB's soothing voice and Kadri Gopalnath's sax make the song an evergreen melody.
Listen to this song and you wont believe that the voice is that of a 65 year old. After early 90's, Tamil cinema has under-utilized his voice; this one song is a solid proof for that. In addition to his unique metallic voice, one can feel his longing for motherly love in the song. Hats off to the legend, and to Yuvan for choosing KJY to sing this fantastic lullaby.
The uniqueness of this song is in the passion and obsession the boy has on the girl, which is superbly brought out by Shankar Mahadevan. His voice modulations gel nicely with Yuvan's music and this tricky number manges to rise much above its level thanks to Shankar's great rendition.
I haven't listened to any other song which is fully dedicated to praising a girl's beauty as graciously as this one. Karthik simply mesmerizes with his exuberant voice.
I dont know how many of you have managed to listen to the Tamil version of this great album by AR Rahman. If not, please do it now.. Srinivas's nice voice does full justice to the ever-reliable Rahman-Vairamuthu Na.Muthukumar combo. What a song!! This song alone deserves a full post. (Thanks to Anand of Stony Brook for exposing me to this song).
I have chosen only these six singers because they have consistently delivered over a very long period. Among others, the solo songs that I love are: KAtrin mozhi (Mozhi) by Balaram, KAdhal vandhAl (Iyarkai) by Tippu, Pul vezhi (Aasai) by Unni Krishnan and 'NadhiyE' (Rhythm) by Unni Menon.


i think therefore i am said...

extremely unrelated..but happy birthday

mitr_bayarea said...


how come no songs from Yesudas..granted he doesn't fall under the current generation singers, but if SPB is still there, shouldn't KJY also have a placeholder?

Happy Birthday!

Gayatri said...

Happy birthday!

Manasu rendum is my fav! I wonder how you could pick jus one song SPB, he's god! I couldn't have done that for the life of me..

Balaji said...

Picking one song for singers like SPB and KJY is pretty much impossible. But love the songs u've picked :)

Happy Birthday :)

Raju said...

Cogito, I extremely thank you for your wishes.. :)
Mitr, thanks.. :)

KJY is right after in the list.. (#3) I have mentioned KJ Yesudas instead of KJY; may be that was why u assumed that I missed?
Gayatri, Welcome here and thanks.. :)

As I mentioned, it is very hard indeed to pick one song for greats like SPB and KJY but I took shelter under the superlative 'Best' or 'Most liked' which has to be only one.. ;)
Balaji, thanks to u too.. :)

Yeah as I mentioned just above, the 'best songs' helped me.. :)

i think therefore i am said...

I think the oru ooril can be attributed more to the lyricist.. Have you heard "Oliyele" Karthik's first song with Ilayaraja.. I think its from the movie Azhagi...
Also KK... unless you arent counting non-native singers

and also.. Nadhiye from Rhythm again has amazing lyrics I think

Raju said...

Cogito, though the lyrics was superb, I think Karthik was fabulous too.. (esp. the "maharantham thAngum malar pOlE"). "Oliyile" is my fav too but I just could list only one best song..
No problem with non-native singers (since I have SPB and KJY in the list); though I like KK's voice, he doesnt sing a whole lot in Tamil, does he?

Ramya harish said...

Hi Raju, learnt tat ur bday has gone seeing the comments..Belated wishes:) same pinch for no.7(mine s 25th)
Am excited than usual to read this post as it is all songs n singers.. And good one too.. If u choose one song for the singers, I would prefer to mention
1. Konja naal poru thalaivaa - Hariharan
2. Vannam konda vennilave - SPB (en kaadhale s also beautiful)
3. Aarariraroo - i love it..somewat haunting ..manasu oru madri baaram aaidum..so i sometimes change the channel when tis song comes.. KJY worth mentioning s kalyana then nila..
4. for shankar mahadevan, i love sandana thendralai.. his pronounciation n emotion in manasu rendum paarka is terrific..
5. Srinivas - do u listen to telugu songs?? in telugu versiomn of kakka kakka, 'Gharshana' jo intro somg s sung by srinivas..(ye chilipi) try listening to it..its superb,lovely singing by srini.... the same song harris used in thotti jaya,simbu movie('yaaridamum ketadilai')..but it was sung by ramesh vinayagam n harini..solo in telugu became a duet in tamil..ramesh vinayagam was nt even 10% of srinivas..he sung it so plainly...
i also love his(sri) consecutive serial title songs for serials at 12 30 noon in sun tv..

Pappuli said...

How come favorite solo of Udit Narayan is not there ?? :(

He is really something...I din know what he sang in Kulu Valilay -" No nee naa". Only recently I came to know it is actually " Naan enna". Similarly, priyamana ponnu = periyamma ponnu ;)

Me too said...

Belated birthday wishes!

No Jayachandran songs?

Raju said...

Ramya, thanks for the wishes.. :)
Ur choice of songs is very good too..
Telugu songs? No.. if the songs are good in the telugu movies that I watch, I listen to them.. avlodhan.. I will try to listen to the song that you mentioned..
Pappuli, favorite-a? Kadavule... (u can imagine Udit pronouncing this)..

No nee naa? LOL.. I had a tough time trying to decipher what he sings.. Most of his songs are spent trying to make sense of what he means how he is murdering Tamil...
LOL on periyamma ponnu.. Kudumbathule kuzhappathai undAkkiduvaru pOla.. :D
Aparna, thanks 4 the wishes.. :)

Since Jayachandran doesnt sing often nowadays, I didnt include him.. but his 2 solos from Vaidehi KAthirundhAl are superb....

Ramya harish said...

try listening to gharshana(kAkka kAkka telugu) songs which are different from tamil.. like the one i told srinivas song,asin intro song(ye chilipi) and ondra renda song in tamil, a peppy song(andhagaada) in telugu..asin looks thuru thuru in the song..very nice song.. one of my best (telugu )friend forced me to listen to these.. thats how i know..

Ramya harish said...

my birthday falls on jan 25th raju.. not april.. thanks for the wishes anyway..

Raju said...

Ramya, I will keep Gharshana in my 'to-listen' list..

Oh, Jan 25-a? Maathitteengala? Sollavey illa?