Apr 9, 2008


A totally fictitious story..
He was behind the wheel driving with she beside him and it was rapidly getting dark. Over ahead on the road he saw that black animal crossing the road quickly and at that precise moment he knew what it was. His feet voluntarily pressed the breaks and she, having seen that species said, "Che.. paazha pOna poonai.. adhuvum pisAsu mAdhiri karuppA.. car-ai divert panni direction maathittu polaanga".. They were on a suburban road and in front of the only side-road to his left was a "No left turn" signal.
He tried to convince her saying that unlike dogs, which like to run alongside roads, cats always like to cross the road, probably bcos it is in their genes, and so educated and rational people like them shouldnt believe in such myths but she was not to budge. With the spot where the cat crossed approaching fast and sensing that there was no other vehicle in sight, he decided to take the illegal left turn and quickly managed to do it. Within seconds he saw bright red and blue lights flashing on his rearview mirror - a hidden cop car has caught him. As he pulled his vehicle over and waited for the cop to ask for his license and subsequently hand him the ticket, she said "See.. IppovAvadhu nambureengaLA, poonai cross panna kandippA edhAchum kettadhu nadakkumnu".


Ramya harish said...

Hey cool.. good old superstition well narrated in the story..
You know wat.. though i dont believe in it, i used to analyse the consequences.. one of my friend told me if it crosses from right to left, its bad, and left to right its good..(crap) Another friend of mine once told me that his physics teacher explained him a scientific reason behind this..he said when black cats crossed the road, some radiations from it has a negative effect on our concentration..or it might disturb us mentally leading to some bad incident.. its true only for black cats. Again nobody knows its true or not.. as a physics lover, u think n tell your views on this..

Anonymous said...

Generally I will ask others from what side the cat crossed and then tell them that its bad only the other way! Once i started reading the post i immediately know whats coming at the end! The sign looks creepy though...

meow...meow said...

Each time a cat crosses before me, I pause for a min before continue walking. This is when my frieds mock me "You say you don't believe in God but you believe in superstition!" Maybe because of my past experiences with cat - each time it crosses, somehow or the other I end up in a trouble.

Once an African friend of mine told me " not a single cat can roam freely in our country, our people burn them..they are bad omen"

My little cousin hates cat to the core.. He has killed umpteen of them by the age of 5. Some of the ways he had killed them is - running his bicycle on a kitten and stoning to death a pregnant cat ( i saw the skeleton in my backyard ). Ironically, now he has a cat as his pet.

Raju said...

Ramya, I think it is purely psychological. Once a cat crosses (esp. the black one), we get intimidated by it that we probably start secreting some bad chemicals in our body which cause an adverse reaction. The key is to remain cool and may be extra-cautious watching out for the usual perils of driving.
Mirage, an intelligent ploy yours.. :) Yeah among the choices I had, I chose this image bcos it looked creepy to me too, with its glow..
Meow Welcome here..

Since we all have heard about it, the superstition gets into our mind, no matter whether we believe it or not.

LOL on your African friend.. What a way to get rid of bad omen(s)!!

And, ur little cousin is really something.. his actions made me get goosebumps.. may be as a 'parihAram' he is keeping a cat huh?

Ramya harish said...

ok..may be raju..
hey meow meow..ur cousins acts r stunnning man..enavo halwa saapara madri solreenga..enna family;)(like juhi style)..
raju, naa nenachen neenga solliteenga..parihaaram nu..

mitr_bayarea said...


good one..is this a true story that happened to --- or totally fiction?

meow...meow said...


Insensitivity happens when killings occur on a massive scale :)

Pintoo said...

nice one... LOL

Me too said...

I am reminded of the 'black cat crossing' scene in 'Adutha Veetu Penn'! 'totally fictious story'-nnu pottadaley orey the doubting!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Raju :)


Sundar Narayanan said...

Belated Happy birthday Raju!


Anonymous said...


Raju's birthday is on 16th, so shouldn't be belated :)


tt_giant said...

happy b day!

indha year and in the future, ellamey nalla sagunam aa irukkanum!

Raju said...

Ramya, LOL on the 'halwa saappidura' anology..
Mitr, adhudhan mudhal-leye pottutteney... but, u know, no one riding a vehicle can escape from the cat crossing so that part is true..
Meow, I agree with you totally on the insensitivity part. Whenever any crime is done repeatedly, the person who does becomes insensitive to it.

Raju said...

Pintoo, Welcome here.. and thanks.. :)
Aparna, appadi oru scene irukka? I havent watched 'Adutha veettu penn'... so cant really say how much overlap was there. What I wanted to convey was, the bad things might happen due to psychological and emotional reactions to the event. Though it is true that such a bad thing would not have happened without the cat crossing, if it is due to a knee-jerk reaction, what is to be blamed - the cat or the reaction? I hope the readers understood the subtle sarcasm in the climax, though no one has explicitly mentioned it.
Paps, Welcome here.. wow someone remembered my birthday... hmmm.. surprised.. Thank you!! :D
Sundar, thanks to u too.. :)
Deepak, thanks and, only we two are uniquely poised to say "You too" when one of us wishes the other this way this day.. :)