Oct 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

On the occasion of Halloween, my mind went to tamil horror movies. That is one genre which attacted me to theaters when before my teens but I w'd end up 'watching' them either with one-eye between fingers or with closed eyes. Here is the list of such movies on this special occasion:
1) Yaar:
The movie was a hit, making the director add the movie's name before his name as 'Yaar' Kannan. It was a well-crafted movie, with a decent star cast of Arjun, Nalini, Jaishankar, Senthil, 'NizhalgaL' Ravi, (I think his was the first name the horror moviemaker would pen when deciding the star cast.. One can see him in pretty much all the movies... He would have just missed being called 'Pei' Ravi, ;) )among others. Even the comedy segment, involving was Senthil was quite freaky, especially the demise of Prof. Senthil. One unforgettable scene which scared the hell out of me is where Jayachitra encounters her 'different' son, thinking of which I still get the hair at the back of the neck raising.
2) 13-aam number veedu:
There is the same spookiness in this movie too, with lots of boorish moments. It followed the same trend of people in a house dying one after the other.

3) My dear Lisa:
It has the classical horror motive of revenge behind it. Some of the modus operandi for murder is inspired from 'Evil dead'.

4) Idhudhan arambam:
Produced and directed by 'Raj Bharath' of early 80's movie 'Uchakkattam', this involved a lot of scary scenes, but this was a movie with a twist in the end.

5) Jenma natchathiram:
Heavily inspired from 'The Oman', this movie, produed by 'ThakkAli' Srinivasan had a child as the '666' evil. The climax was quite heart-breaking and made me think about what would have happened after the movie ended.

6) Vaa Arugil Vaa:
Actually a nice movie. It had a decent storyline, heart-wrenching senti scenes, good suspense-building moments, and an entertaining second half. The horrifying figure was inspired the 'Chucky' character, but the Tamil version was quite cute. This movie, along with 'Yaar' and 'Idhudhan arambam' is one of the only three Tamil horror movies that I have watched twice.
7) Uruvam:
A movie with 'Mike' Mohan as the main character, but a unique one.. His voice and hairstyle were horrible; and the horror-inducing scenes were quite creepy. For those of us who associate Mike Mohan with soft, romantic roles, and singing in front of mikes, this movie is undigestible.

8) Shock:
Remake of Hindi 'Bhoot', this film scared only in parts. The most scariest creature was the hair-chewing, eye-rolling Kalairaani, who for your kind information, was not possessed. It was quite different from the usual horror movies in the sense that it is based in an urban setting, a Chennai apartment.
9) Sivi:
A recent one; again based in an urban setting of college, library and normal city house. Despite having the advantage of using good technology, it wasnt that different in the fear-inducing scenes. It has got some twists too; the last scene/frame of the movie is quite shocking.

BTW, one doubt: Why do Indian women close their mouths with their hands when they scream? ;)


mitr_bayarea said...


A very unique post on Halloween...I realized that I haven't seen even one of those movies you mention. Shows how much I am scared of those kinda things.

Anonymous said...

Hi Raju, I am always thrilled to watch horror movies. I didn’t see all but I sure will as soon as I can.


ramya said...

Hi Raju..
Nice list of bhoot movies.. during my childhood uruvam scared me to the core.. i used to enjoy the fear when watching wit my cousins.. one revathi's movie was also quiet scary.. 'Raat' i guess..
Ya.. even we (me n cousins) used to imitate heroines screaming.. LOL:)

matrix said...

Hi Raju,

Nice list of movies as usual.
The only thing I dislike about Indian horror movies is that most of the ghosts would come up with a melodramatic flashback. Darna Mana Hai was creepy in its own way.

If your into horror movies, then I suggest you to watch Korean ones. They are spine-chilling. In fact, the original Korean version of the Ring is much scary.In recent times, I liked the Exorcism of Emily Rose, though it left me hallucinating for few days :-(

I am planning to watch Let The Right One In and Twilight. The former has received rave reviews.

Anu said...

nice list..I remember seeing the posters of some of these movies near Pilot theatre in chennai, when reaching school..Always used to close my eyes for the posters, so you can imagine why i havent seen any of the movies.
Also on ur question on woman closing their mouth.. i guess its not too virtuous still to show all ur teeth in a tamil movie :)

Raju said...

Mitr, dank u.. In my family, they used to take me to such movies without worrying about me getting scared.. may be they wanted me to get an exposure on the ghosts and stuff, the same way the American culture celebrates Halloween so that the kids dont get scared of ghosts? They alone know the answer..
----------------------------------------------------------------------Manish, many of these movies are available in techsatish.. Why dont you dedicate a few nights watching them alone? ;)

Raju said...

Ramya, thanks.. :) Yeah, there is a certain thrill with the fear rite? I've certainly experienced it, which is what has made me watch all these movies and some more.. The only movie which I couldnt watch fully (and came out of the theater after intermission) was 'Raaz'.. I was really scared like hell, watching it night II show.. a bad choice of time indeed.. :)

OK one qn. about screaming.. Suppose you are suddenly scared by someone.. how do you think you would scream? ;)
Matrix, LOL on 'melodramatic flashbacks of ghosts'... hmmm... Similar to the way our heroes who do -ve roles have got a right to justify their behavior, even the ghosts need to, I guess.. ;)

Recently I watched 'Grudge'.. adhuvey spooky.. I dont know if I will rent Korean ghost movies to get thrilled (and scared)... when all the interesting movies in Tamil and English get exhausted, then I will turn into Korean movies.. ;)
Anu, poster-ke andha bayama? hmmm... are they meant to attract or repel the audience?

LOL on your answer to the screaming problem.. hmmm... the condition of the molar teeth would be more scarier for the audience than the source of the scream, may be? ;)

ramya said...

Raju, i wud definitely not close my mouth while screaming.. but wud give a jerk of shock..which s reflex in fact.. i always challenged my cousins tat i wud watch all scary movies with no fear pretending to be fearless..:)

vm said...


one of my fav ghost movie is En Jeevan Padudhu, nice movie plus lovely songs.

Raju said...

Ramya, :) I remember the Thenali dialogue about fear and pretending to be fearless under the disguise of being brave..
Vm, ohh ok.. Karthik as the 'handsome ghost' huh? :) It reminds me of 'Mohabbatein' wherein my friends commented that Aish the most beautiful ghost ever seen onscreen.. ;)

manoj said...

ha ha ha , i have seen all the movies in your list ... i miss such kind of movies now ...