Oct 26, 2008


While listening to "I miss u miss u da" song, I suddenly wondered how to say that in Tamil. Missing = 'Tholaindhu pOdhal', but what about missing someone? How about 'unnai migavum izhakkirEn?'; but it is more like, "I lose u". Then it occured to me that it is a sin to deprive Tamil of such a wonderful part of love. Missing-ey Tamil-le missing? ;) That made me to coin a new word for that; upon thinking for some time, I chose 'mizhathal' for missing. hehe.. romba simple Mi(ss) + (I)zhathal = Mizhathal. :)
I miss you = Naan unnai mizhakkirEn
I am missing u = Naan unnai mizhandhukondirukkrEn
I will miss u so much = Naan unnai migavum mizhappEn
I missed you a lot = Naan unnai adhigam mizhandhEn.
Planning to use it when writing mini kavithai's.. If you too liked it, use it and spread it.. illenna, any suggestions?

BTW, A Very Happy Deepavali Wishes to All of You!!!!! :-)


Rohini said...

Raju, tat was a cute pic.. I like the word 'mizhakiren'.. Lets c wat others hv got to say,.
And, wish u a very happy diwali:)

matrix said...

Wishing you a Very Happy and Prosperous Diwali :)

Raju said...

Rohini, glad u liked the pic and the word.. Thanks for ur wishes.. Wish you too a happy diwali !! :)
Matrix, Thanks... Wishing you too a very happy diwali!! :)

Anu said...

Happy Deepavalli! Nice word coinage, but ppl like me who need a couple of years to get used to tounge twisters, thats going to be a hard word :D and even when i say it, no ones going to get what i trying to tell them :(

matrix said...

MM sucks to the core. Holy crap, Sanjay announces Vijay as the next super star, he should be crucified for this.

Vijay looks as if he didn't take shower for a month.

Kundus Arthi should be shot dead, did u see the part where she kissed the floor after winning? lmao. Also her speech " thanks to kalaignar tv, good talents will be always appreciated " ..did she ever had one?

"Size does matter to win in my MM" - Kala master

mitr_bayarea said...


Belated Deepavali wishes to you and nalla muyarchi on the tamil equivalent of missing.

VM said...

Hi Raju,

Watched Aegan. Raju Sundram hasn't grown since Jeans, mentally. It's apparent through out the movie.

1. Ajith's pathetic beard as an attempt to make him look matured, looks as if he's suffering from hormonal imbalance.

2. Haniffa showing Ajith " this is the college " when there's a clear sign of the college, reminds me of how my parents showed me "this is school" during 1st standard.

3.Nayanthara is Raju Sundram's school/ college pornographic imagination of an ideal teacher.

Don't try to watch this becoz u've sentimental value towards the director's name ;). Gosh..this kiddo needs to grow up.

Raju said...

Anu, thanks.. :) Mizhakkiren is tongue twister-a? 2 mins practice panna vandhurum...
Matrix, LOL on your punishment for Sanjay... somehow I dont like him (especially his dog chains), so I dont mind your verdict.. ;) Vijay - another bipolar personality; too quite and sky (or bandha?) off-screen, and too loud and irritating on it..

:) Gundu Arthi must not have been allowed to come to this level at all.. Too much drama (shaving off her head, some senti songs in 'Judges' round, and too much funda).. LOL on your last comment.. First, I thought Kala master indeed said so.. bcos I am prepared to 'expect anything from her'. Later, I got it clarified that it is your fun remark.... Good one at that... :)

Raju said...

Mitr, thanks.. :) Hope you had a good deepavali..
VM, :) I really like Raju Sundaram for his dancing.. I dont mind if he fails as a director.. Not all can become like his bro.. so, he better concentrates on his dance..

Ajith and hormonal imbalance? You better watch out.. Ajith's 'FANS' are much more loyal than Rajini's... They wouldnt hesitate to become like the fans of 'Marma Desam: Sorna Rekai'.. ;)

LOL... was the 'college intro scene' followed by Ajith's crying not to go to college (as you might have done in 1st standard)? BTW, some reviews say Ajith goes to school, whereas you say it is college.. Is it school as in 'India school' or 'American school', which is college?

Oh, Nayanthara's portrayal is that bad huh? I remember that in 'Main hoon na', Sush was glamorous but not sexy.. BTW, what did u mean by 'ideal teacher'? Ideal according to teaching, or for something else? ;)

Ippadi oru punch enakku thEvaiya? Knowing that it is remake of 'Main Hoon na', i wouldnt have anyway watched it, since I liked the original just about ok..

vm said...

I would have been burnt to death by his fans if this was medieval period.

He would have probably cried during his 1st standard, not me ;)

He goes to college.

Ideal as in ..you know what I meant :D . In one of the song, she resembled those African American girls in music video. What's happening to our dhamil culture ? She should be banned from donning atypical teacher roles (Vallavan).

You never know, since you have sentimental value towards Raju Sundram, u might wanna watch it ;)

Raju said...

Vm, :) If this was medieval period, Ajith would have been put into jail forever.. who would have tolerated his movies?

Idealism is the acronym of reality; and the reality is, 9thara better starts 'acting'..

I haven't watched it.. havent even listened to any of its songs... There is not even the slightest temptation to watch the movie.. so far, so good.. :)