Oct 3, 2008

KannE KalaimAne - Song of the Month

Last year, some blogger had requested for a translation of 'Kanne kalaimAne' from 'Moondram Pirai' after reading my analysis of the title of the movie. Superband soulful rendition by KJY, very melodious music of IR and great but simple lyrics by Kannadasan make it one of the best melodies ever in Tamil film music. That made me twitter 14 months ago about the concept of the 'Song of the Month'. I had planned to include the songs which I never discussed in my blog. Only now, in the death anniversary month of the great lyricist Kannadasan, I got a chance to write about his last song, which has been in three of my lists so far. Better late than never, so here we go:
கண்ணே கலைமானே கன்னி மயிலெனக் கண்டேன் உனை நானே 0.1
அந்தி பகல் உனை நான் பார்க்கிறேன் ஆண்டவனை இதைத்தான் கேட்கிறேன் 0.2
ஆரிராரோ ...
kannae kalaimaanae kanni mayilena-k-kandaen unai naanae
andhi pagal unai naan paarkkiraena andavanai idhaiththaan kaetkiraen
aariraaro ...
Most of you know the context in which this song appears in the movie. The hero has fallen love with the mentally retarded heroine whom he is sheltering, without knowing anything about her history.
0.1: Kannae and kalaimaane are the common ways of chweetly calling one's love.. Kan is eye and kalaimaan is one kind of deer, and mayil is peacock. He pretty much praises her.
0.2: I see you in dawn (andhi) and noon (pagal); I wish/ask for just this from the God (andavan).
Charanam 1:
ஊமை என்றால் ஒரு வகை அமைதி 1.1
ஏழை என்றால் ஆதிலொரு அமைதி 1.2
நீயோ கிளிப்பேடு பண் பாடும் ஆனந்தக் குயில் பேடு 1.3
ஏனோ தெய்வம் சதி செய்தது பேதை போல விதி செய்தது 1.4
oomai enraal oru vagai amaidhi
aezhai enraal adhil oru amaidhi
neeyo kilippaedu pan paadum aanandak kuyil paedu
aeno dheyvam sadhi seydhadhu paedhai poala vidhi seydhadhu
1.1: It is becalming if you are dumb (oomai)
1.2: It is becalming if you are poor (ezhai)
1.3: (But) you are a female parrot (kilippaedu), a happy female Nightingale (kuyil paedu) who sings songs (pan paadum)
1.4: Don't know why but the God created a conspiracy (sadhi); fate (vidhi) made you mentally unstable (paedhai).
Charanam 2:
காதல் கொண்டேன் கனவினை வளர்த்தேன் 2.1
கண்மணி உனை நான் கருத்தினில் நிறைத்தேன் 2.2
உனக்கே உயிரானேன் எந்நாளும் எனை நீ மறவாதே 2.3
நீ இல்லாமல் எது நிம்மதி நீதான் என்றும் என் சந்நிதி 2.4
kaadhal kondaen kanavinai valarththaen
kanmani unai naan karuththinnil niraiththaen
unakkae uyiraanaen ennaalum enai nee maravaadhae
neeyillaamal edhu nimmadhi needhaanae en sannidhi
2.1: I am in love with you; I planted (valarthaen) dreams (kanavinai).
2.2: (Kanmani: Pupil of the eye) Oh dear, I have filled (niraithaen) you in my thoughts (karuthinil).
2.3: I have become your soul (uyiraanen); Never ever forget me (maravaadhae)
2.4: What is peace (nimmadhi) without you (neeyillaamal)? You are forever (endrum) like my (holy) sanctum sanctorum (sannidhi).
I know that the sweetness of the song is lost in translation. And also my translation can be improved.. consider it as a maiden n crude effort.


ARK said...

Thanks for posting the translation.

Only when the listener is aware of the song situation in the film he gets to appreciate the poet's careful selection of words.


matrix said...

"Last year, some blogger had requested..." - that was soon ;)

This song is vintage though I like the other one better , Poongaatru

Raju, did you check out Mallika Sherawat's latest still? She's donning a half woman half snake role. She looks disgusting...Yak! When I was a kid, I remember my granny watching similar kind of a snake movie, I was scared to death...I use to have nightmares of the half human half snake character.

ramya said...

hi raju.. translation sounds so simple for such a great song..

Raju said...

Karthikeyan, welcome here.. :)
Thanks.. Yeah very true about the poet's selection of words..
Matrix, I know... Guilty as charged... :)
Yeah "Poongatru" is my fav from Moondram Pirai too, since it has that haunting feel..
LOL at Mallika sherawat and another referene to ur Paatti.. she seems to be a very interesting person.. ;) Am wondering how it would be to watch TV and movies with her..
Ramya, hmmm... the greatness of the song lies in its simplicity.. :)

mitr_bayarea said...


a good attempt at translating this profound song, Kannadasan's lyrics are super.

Raju said...

Mitr, :) thanks..

matrix said...


Did you watch Gautham Menon's interview in Hari Giri Assembly? Bhasky's questions were sharp and sublimely sarcastic, yet Gautham answered with ease.

Gautham: I wanted Cheran to act in PMKC but he had no " date availability"

Bhasky: But there isn't any such type of crying scenes in the movie, sir. Cheran didn't say, even in that movie he would travel only in bicycle?

Gautham: I wanted Madhavan to act in PKMC. But he rejected doing father role..he wud take up such roles only in Mani's movies.*smirk*

Let's hope this show doesn't face the same fate like real pathi reel pathi and lollu sabha. Only complain that i have is, Bhasky's interruption in between.

Raju said...

Matrix, Yeah, after u mentioned, I did watch it.. It was fun.. a different kinda interview.

Bhasky is quite dominating indeed.. he doesnt let Sethu to talk at all, or even if Sethu say ssomething, he cuts him off.. Hell, he even cuts when the guest speaks. Looks like an attention-seeking character..
Cheran is an interesting choice.. Though I was initially sceptical about it, when I think more, I concluded that Cheran could have indeed been better than Sarath, since Sarath's mass-hero image spoiled the last half an hour of the movie. Madhavan? hmmm.. interesting too.. The reason why Gautam chose them first, I think, is due to their familiarity with the role of unhappy hubbies in Solla marandha kadhai(for Cheran) and Alai Payudhey, Priya Sakhi and Parthaley paravasam for Maddy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thank you for translating. however someone commented that it is too unethical to be lovey dovey with a patient who is not herself. i agree.